For the period of 16 November 2023 - 10 January 2024, FUJIFILM NZ will offer the above SPIV to staff at authorised FUJINON retailers on select FUJINON Binoculars. 

FUJINON Binoculars included in the SPIV are TS-X 1440 with a $50 SPIV, TS12x28 with a $30 SPIV and TS16x28 with a $30 SPIV.

Bulk commercial sales will not qualify. Participants are not permitted to trade, sell, split between, combine with or otherwise transfer Qualifying Sale(s) to another Participant. 

SPIV’s will be paid as a cumulative total and as either a VISA Prezzy Card or Mastercard Bonfire Gift card.

Cut off for receipt upload will be Sunday 21st January 2024. 

SPIV cards will be dispatched to recipients no later than Tuesday 13th February 2024.

Information marked with an asterisk* must be completed.

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