Interested in being a New Zealand X-Photographer?

What is an X-Photographer:

The Fujifilm X-Photographer Program is a global collective of creatives. It’s a group of Fujifilm Users that best encapsulate the X-Series experience, own and use Fujifilm gear and are generally professionals. These photographers are considered to be at the upper level of experience and creativity. X-Photographers are selected based on their imagery, genre of work and ability to present professionally at Fujifilm NZ events. Social media presence may also contribute to X-Photographer selection. X-Photographers also provide important feedback to Fujifilm Japan about using their camera’s and lenses on real world assignments. This feedback may be taken on board by Fujifilm Japan with new model development and firmware upgrades. This is not only open to Photographers but also Videographers.

Benefits of being a part of the X-Photographer Program:

Why would we love to hear from you?

Since the inception of the X100 in 2011 we have been introduced to and partnered with a number of incredible Photographers. Some of these have continued on to become a part of our X-Photographer Program here in New Zealand. But Given the rate of growth of X-Series in New Zealand we want to make sure we aren’t missing anyone – we want to connect with all of NZ’s best X and GFX Shooters in New Zealand. Although we will only onboard the right person/people, if you don’t make it you might still be able to assist with events and content creation depending on your niche. Either way….we want to meet you.

What and Who are we looking for:

We have an amazing group of X-Photographers in NZ who all bring their own style, skills and different genres. We are always looking for additional X and GFX shooters who really want to create and collaborate with us at Fujifilm NZ. We want either Photographers or better still Videographers doing amazing professional work. Do you shoot X of GFX and have a flair or style that is unique leaving your audience in awe? If so then YOU are who were looking for.

Check out this link for current X-Photographers:

Where can an X-Photographer be based:

Anywhere in New Zealand! If you are based in other countries you will need to contact your local Fujifilm Head Office and discuss how they recruit as each country is difference.

How could you become an X-Photographer:

  1. Photographic Resume:

         You have probably read this and thought I check all the boxes…so how do we make this happen. It’s simple. Send a Biography/Photographic resume                  including things like:

          Your contact details: Name, Phone, Emails and relevant links.

2.  5-10 Images or a Video Show Reel:

We want to see what you can do! Send us your portfolios, top 5-10 images or your best Video Show Reels that truly show who you are as a creative.

3.  A video of YOU!

We want to meet you. Send us a short video of you and tell us:

          Don’t be afraid to get creative! Have fun and let your true self shine through.

When you have this together please send via Dropbox, WeTransfer or other reputable method to Ira Swales at We may ask to meet you via Zoom to really get to know you better.

If you have any questions please get in touch:

Ira Swales
Category Manager - Electronic Imaging

Thank you from the X-Team at Fujifilm NZ

We look forward to meeting you.