1. If you consider that your camera, lens, binoculars or an accessory ("equipment") is faulty, please:

a. Refer to our global support page or
b. Contact FUJIFILM NZ Limited ("FFNZ") on 0800 242 646 / 09 414 0400 or email for assistance

2. If, after taking the steps set out in step 1, you still consider that your equipment is faulty, you will need to:

a. Return the equipment to the retailer you purchased it from (the retailer will handle the whole process for you)
b. Securely pack your equipment and completed report form then Courier or drop it off to:

    Camera Repairs - FUJIFILM NZ Limited, 2C William Pickering Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632

c. If you use a courier, please securely pack your equipment as FFNZ will not take responsibility for any damaged occurred during transit.

3. When sending or dropping off your faulty equipment, please enclose the following:

a. A fully and accurately completed Repair Form.
b. Valid proof of purchase for your equipment for a warranty claim

i. Refer to FFNZ's warranty terms for further details.

4. Upon receipt of your equipment FFNZ will:

a. Book the equipment in our system and you will receive an email advising the job number.

5. If the equipment/fault is not covered under warranty:

a. FFNZ will charge a non-refundable inspection
b. This fee can be paid on site, over the phone or vial bank transfer
c. The fee will be deducted from your final invoice if you choose to proceed with the repair.
d. Payment instructions and a reference will be provided once the job has been booked.
e. On receipt of the payment, the Technician will inspect the equipment and provide an estimate.

6. If the repair cannot be performed in New Zealand, it will be sent to FUJIFILM Australia ("FFAU") for higher repair provided you have agreed to this on your             completed repair form.

a. This will add a $80 non-refundable freight cost to your invoice.

7. FFNZ will inform you if any parts need to be ordered and provide you with an approximate time frame for their arrival.

8. If the equipment/fault is covered under warranty, FFNZ will repair and return the equipment to the address provided in the repair form fo you free of charge.

9. Once an estimate is provided to you:

a. You will need to sign the estimate and return it to FFNZ, with your decision to approve or decline;
b. If estimate is APPROVED, FFNZ will order the necessary parts (if applicable) and proceed with the repair – this can take 3-4 weeks to arrive;
c. If estimate is DECLINED, you will be invoiced the inspection fee and freight costs, and once payment is complete, we will return your equipment to you.
d. If, upon receipt of the equipment, FFNZ determines that the equipment is not in need of service, you will be charged the normal Inspection fee charge               referenced above, plus the freight cost to have the equipment returned to you;
e. Any equipment not collected or with outstanding repair costs will be sold to defay costs after 90 days.

10. FFNZ will not provide any estimates, either via phone or email, until the equipment has been assessed by our Technicians.

11. You can, at any time call us on 0800 242 646 / 09 414 04 00 or email us on with your camera serial number and/or Job Reference           Number to check the status of your repair.

12. You are responsible for making copies of any information, photos, data and applications stored on your equipment by you after purchase, prior to sending your       product to us for repair.

13. FFNZ does not accept any liability for loss of any data stored on your products during or after the repair process.


If your equipment has been damaged by water / sand / fungus we may decide not to repair the equipment. We can either:

a. Provide an insurance letter detailing the faults and explaining why the equipment has no repair;
b.  Quote you for a possible repair. This repair will not carry any warranty and is not guaranteed to fix your equipment.